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Bangladesh has been practicing floating exchange rate. The Bangladesh Bank sets the weighted average rate of the foreign currencies by calculating the rates set by the scheduled banks.  The exchange rates of major currencies against taka are published every day by Bangladesh Bank based on scheduled banks’ previous day’s weighted average exchange rates.

To access exchange rates published by Bangladesh Bank, click here

For customs assessment purposes, Customs also publishes an exchange rate monthly for the purpose of determining value of any imported or exported goods.  This exchange rate is determined as per section 25 (4) of the Customs Act 1969.

Being the largest customs station in Bangladesh, Chittagong Customs House computes and publishes this average rate of exchange each month on behalf of the NBR. Other Customs Houses and Customs Stations simply follow this rate for customs assessment during that month.


To access rate of exchange for this month published by Chittagong Customs House, click here.


Last updated: 2016-07-21