Benefits of Accredited AEO

Benefits of Accredited AEO Links

The following will be the benefits of accredited AEO-

  1. Examination of goods at the premises of the accredited AEO instead of the Ports or Land Customs Stations;
  2. Opportunity for direct clearance or loading of goods onto the ship;
  3. Assistance from the special team formed by the officials of Customs;
  4. Opportunity for submission of Bill of Entry or Bill of Export and completion of necessary formalities before the arrival of the goods at the port;
  5. Completion of assessment by submission of the relevant documents;
  6. Opportunity for e-mail or other means of electronic communication with the Customs authority;
  7. Issuance of special ID to the employees of the AEO for easy access to any Custom House;
  8. Payment of Duty Drawback within the shortest possible time;
  9. Faster settlement of litigation lying at ADR or any other places; and
  10. Publication of names and addresses of the AEOs in Customs website.


Last updated: 2019-05-05