Transfer of Residence

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A person transferring his residence from abroad to Bangladesh is entitled to receive certain duty tax benefits on importation of his baggage (containing goods he used overseas) and professional equipment.

Transfer of Residence is a facility provided to persons who intend to transfer their residence to Bangladesh after a stay abroad of at least two years. This facility allows the import of personal and household articles, free of duty, and certain other listed items, on payment of duty and taxes after deducting for depreciation allowance.

Benefits allowed under the Transfer of Residence Baggage (Import) Rules, 2000 include:

  • Depreciation allowance to calculate duty and taxes on baggage value
  • Duty free import of professional equipment upto a certain value.
  • Depreciation allowance on importation of his/her used motor car without Import Permit /Clearance Permit from the Ministry of Commerce

For detailed information on duty free items allowed under Transfer of Residence [Transfer of Residence Baggage (Import) Rules 2000], the list of items that will enjoy depreciation allowance and the TR Baggage Declaration Form, click on the download option available at the right side.